Is the Job the Right Fit for Me?

As you are anticipating or matriculating through the job search process, it is essential to understand how to determine if a job is a right fit for you. You may be just trying to find a career after graduating to make money, which is not always a bad thing. However, you may have heard of horror stories from people about their job experiences. Usually, this is because they didn’t make sure the job was a good match for them. To make sure you are making a good decision here are some tips on identifying fit for your next opportunity:

Map out what is essential for you

During my job search process, I quickly realized that I had to create a non-negotiable and negotiable list. If you know what you want, don’t want and what is most important to you in a job, you will be able to better identify whether a company matches your needs.

 Do Your Research

One of the most common mistakes that job seekers make is not doing their employer research. Often company culture standpoints are visual via their websites, articles, etc. You must research the company before interviewing to create questions to ask your interviewer(s). My interviewer questions have been based on my research and personal connections I had with individuals working with the company.

 Pay Attention

Being nervous during the process is inevitable, but it is absolutely ok to feel that way. One thing I failed to do during my job search was to pay attention to interactions, verbiage, vibes, and non-verbals. Typically, you can identify these characteristics while engaging with employers. However, that is not always the case due to the intensity of your nerves. Paying close attention to employers’ interactions with one another, answers to your questions, and the onboarding process will provide insight to understanding if this organization is a good fit for you.

Overall, the job search process is draining and overwhelming, but can be rewarding if you do it correctly. Although it seems so simple to take the first job and feel complete, you want to make sure you have done your due diligence and know what the job and company offer and if it matches your expectations.

If you want more information on how to decide if a job is the right fit, please make an appointment with your Career Consultant or stop by the Career Connections Center.

By Trevor McCray, M.A.
Trevor McCray, M.A. Career Consultant, Dallas Campus