Student Success Spotlight

Araceli Sanchez, Class of 2020, Nursing

I decided to apply to the Harris Health Residency program because I wanted to work for a local hospital that values giving back to the community and those most in need. Many hospitals have moved from face-to-face interviews to online interviews. I was a little nervous about this change and decided to visit TWU’s Career Connections for ways to practice. First, I saw the Fast Track videos on Big Interview to learn how to correctly answer questions. Those videos helped me get my thoughts in order and I was ready to practice. I practiced the general questions mock interview and was able to see how I looked when I was answering questions and modify my wandering eyes. Finally, it was time for my interview, and I was ready. I got an acceptance letter the next day. I am so grateful to Career Connections and to my consultant for their help throughout the whole process. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them!

By Bryana Ortiz
Bryana Ortiz Career Consultant, Houston Campus