Student Success Story: Armoni Smith

As a senior-level biology major, I am extremely grateful for the Urban Fellows Program. This summer I have been afforded the opportunity to take on an unpaid internship with a nonprofit that I otherwise would not have been able to commit to. Considering the cost of classes and living expenses, in the midst of a novel pandemic, the impact this program has had on my academic and personal journey is impeccable. I have gained skills that will assist me post-grad such as grant writing, networking, and mastering the art of multitasking. I have been able to allocate time for school, service, and work without the burden of finances and have gotten a very nice response from the Fellows Committee whenever I had questions or concerns. If possible every student should apply for Urban Fellows when facing the hard decision of whether or not to take an unpaid internship due to circumstantial concerns. -Armoni Smith

By Brookelyn Bush, M.Ed
Brookelyn Bush, M.Ed Associate Director, Employer Relations