Student Success Story: Sachin Karki

I would like to thank the Department of Urban Fellows Program for letting me have this opportunity. My internship at DataReadyDFW helped me understand crucial aspects and criteria related to my major; Data Science.
Besides the time spent and experience made, the knowledge I grasped was rewarding.
With engagement, collaboration, and shared workload at DataReadyDFW I have gained a strong idea about some of the prime principles of my major like Data Gathering, Digital Media & Marketing, Dynamic Data Processing.
The whole experience was incredibly informative and insightful. I feel like having accomplished something and one step closer to the field I’m pursuing a career in.
And a special mention to Brookelyn Bush, M.Ed. for communicating with me to help me figure this out from the beginning. -Sachin Karki
By Brookelyn Bush, M.Ed
Brookelyn Bush, M.Ed Associate Director, Employer Relations