Dear Career Consultant: What is Work-study??

Dear Career Consultant…

I was searching for an on-campus job on Handshake when I came across some postings that said “work-study only.” I was wondering what the difference was between this and regular on-campus jobs. Can I apply to work-study jobs? 



Dear student…

Great question! Let’s break it down…

Work-study is a federal and state need-based award that an employer can use to pay your wages. On-campus jobs are paid from a department’s budget, not from a federal or state award.

Applying to work-study jobs will depend on if you are eligible for it. If you elected to be considered for Work Study on your FAFSA, you may have received a financial aid award notification that indicates you are eligible for Work-Study. Check with the Financial Aid office if you are not sure!

If you are eligible you can apply to both work-study only and on-campus jobs. For the on-campus jobs you just have to let the department know you have work-study eligibility. They will definitely                                                        appreciate it!

It gets a little mixed up if you are not eligible though… If it is a work-study only position, most likely they will not be able to hire you because they need that work study award to pay your wages. But wait!! Other departments may prefer work study students for budgetary reasons, but will consider non-work study students as well. All you have to do is ask the department directly 🙂

If you have any other questions about work-study, please contact the TWU Financial Aid at or 940-898-3064. The Career Connections Center does not review, assess, or manage anything related to student financial aid awards.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         — A Career Consultant who is rooting for you!

By Bryana Ortiz
Bryana Ortiz Career Consultant, Houston Campus Bryana Ortiz