Dear Career Consultant: Do you have employer partners?

Dear Career Consultant…

Job searching is hard. Are there companies that TWU partners with that I can apply to?


Dear Student…

We hear you. Job searching IS hard, especially right now (thanks, COVID).

While we are not a placement agency – meaning we do not find jobs for you, we do have a number of employer partners who reach out to us when they have open positions and more importantly who visit our campus for career and job fairs, workshops, and other virtual events (thanks, COVID).

We generally email and post about upcoming events where employers are going to be present. Make sure you attend! Who you know will always make a difference in your job search, so make sure you are getting to know the recruiters and employers coming to meet you! Lastly, take advantage of Handshake, all of our employer partners post their available jobs on there.

If you have any other questions about upcoming events, make sure you check out Handshake! 

— A Career Consultant who is rooting for you!

By Vianet Garza
Vianet Garza Career Consultant, Denton Campus