Come Sit With Us! Cultural Fit and Job Satisfaction

Cultural fit is something more and more people are paying attention to when actively job seeking and going on interviews. So, what is cultural fit and what makes it so important?

What is Cultural Fit?

You know how we have our system of beliefs and values for how we navigate life? Well, companies and organizations have the same approach that speaks to the effectiveness and quality that is being put out by their employers. This is implemented to meet the needs of their customers/clients/patients/etc. in the best way possible. 

It is the beliefs and values that they operate through their employers to create a safe, diverse, motivating, (insert any other value you appreciate here!), work environment that allows for professional growth on all levels. This can include social nights, dress code, the way people interact with others, the expectations on work efficacy, and more. All of this relates to “Do I align with the values of this company and is it a place where I can thrive for myself while simultaneously helping them thrive?” 

No one wants to be in a toxic, limiting work environment, especially when we spend so much time there (remote work included)! 

Why Is Cultural Fit Important? 

Well for one, it becomes a workplace you actually want to be in. You don’t wake up day after day wishing you were somewhere else. You have strong job satisfaction that leads to an increase in productivity, engagement, and motivation to do said job well. You start to really gain confidence in your skills as you get your feet underneath you, and may want to start taking on new responsibilities, new challenges.  

Another major point is stress. When you feel you are in a good workplace where values are aligned and expectations are known and met, your workplace doesn’t become this petri dish cultivating stress 24/7. In a “good fit” you will feel a part of the team. You will feel like you are valued, heard, and seen for the professional you strive to be everyday. You aren’t distracted by the “what ifs” when you see people leave for lunch without an invite or when Stephanie gets her 3rd project when you are practically begging for one. You can have open and honest conversations about your performance and how you feel. That sounds like a good gig to me! 

What Should I Ask Myself To Determine A Good Fit? 

This is not an exhaustive list as each person’s situation is unique… Think of it as a starting point!

  • Did I feel welcomed in the interview process?
  • Were the employers attentive and present when I was answering?
  • Did they answer my questions without “taking me around the block?” 
  • When I walk out the door am I still going to want this job? 
  • Will this job meet all my needs (personal and professional values/goals/lifestyle/etc.)?
  • What is my “gut” telling me? 

Make sure it is the right fit for you and the company! 

By Bryana Ortiz
Bryana Ortiz Career Consultant, Houston Campus Bryana Ortiz