Jobs, Employers, Organizing Oh My! CareerShift is The Way To Go!

Who loves scouring through tons of websites to find jobs? *Crickets* Yeah, me neither…

Who knows a tool that will help search jobs and employers and then organize it all? *Crickets* Oh! I know this one!

May I introduce CareerShift!

CareerShift is an amazing job search tool that integrates job searching with employer/company information and easy organizational tools. You are also able to upload resumes, cover letters, and anything else you may need for your applications. 

Now that was a really brief overview…Let me take you a bit further.

Job Search

The job search not only lets you put in keywords or job titles, but it also lets you search by company. Let’s say you want to see what positions a company has open and you want to just have those populate in the search… Well, you can search the company instead of a keyword! You can also search the company with keywords to further narrow your search. It also has advanced search criteria from job type, to location, to zip code radius. 

The great part is that you are able to categorize individual job postings as you take each step. So, you can save the posting to a folder and then set the status to “Pending” to “Applied” and all the way to “Accepted.” This helps keep all the applications and their status easy to identify. The next really cool part of CareerShift is you are able to link a lot of information to the job posting. For example, a contact, a calendar event, notes, and even documents (resumes, cover letters, etc) can be linked to the individual posting. Again, this allows everything to be right there for when you need it and to keep track of what you’ve done.

**Another neat feature is that they include an option to search for H1B Sponsorship!**

Employer/Company Search

Networking can be hard. You may not know who to contact or how to even contact them. CareerShift has gathered over 91M employer emails and phone numbers and about 2.8M companies to help you navigate that a little bit easier. Another feature that helps with networking are marketing campaigns. Marketing campaigns allow you to choose a contact and upload documents to then email to an employer or to print off to then give to an employer. This can help with informational interviewing, beginning stages of networking, or following up after an interview. 


I personally used this platform when I was job searching and it helped tremendously! It was so easy to use, and helped me organize like no other. I did find my current job on here too, so it works! It really is a great tool, and if you use it to your advantage it may help reduce any anxiety or pressure off job searching to begin with. It is up to you to put in the work, and CareerShift has done a great job of supplementing that effort!

Follow the link below to be taken to the resource to start paving your way in the professional world! 

Happy job searching!


By Bryana Ortiz
Bryana Ortiz Career Consultant, Houston Campus Bryana Ortiz