Student Success Story: Anahi Figueroa

First, I would like to “Thank you” for giving me this opportunity. I have been out of college for over 10 years. The main reason for not attending college was due to the finances. I am very grateful that TWU offers scholarships and the Urban Fellows Program. Before getting accepted into the Urbans Fellows Program, I had to participate with the Career Connections Center first. Mr. Prasad was very helpful. He assisted me with polishing up my resume. I have not had a very kind and helpful college person with soooo much patience help me with my resume. I am super THANKFUL for him.
I was selected to receive a $1000 scholarship. One of the requirements was for me to do volunteer work in the City of Houston. I was able to get an opportunity with AAMA Adelante Organization. I volunteered at night right after my full time job and taught the Level 3 ESL Students.
I was so glad to receive this chance  to teach. The only item I was not very strong in and I did gain these skills was to use Zoom. I use Zoom when I log in as a student myself, however I never knew Zoom had so many options to utilize. Also, since I have been working at home, the connection I have made with these beautiful students have tremendously helped me emotionally.Working from home and taking classes online, there is hardly no outside connection with real people. -Anahi Figueroa
By Brookelyn Bush, M.Ed
Brookelyn Bush, M.Ed Associate Director, Employer Relations