What exactly is “business casual”?

Dear Career Consultant…

I just got a job interview and the dress code is “business casual” – what exactly is business casual?

Dear student…

Business casual can be tricky to figure out, but we got you. It can range from dark jeans & a blouse, to dress pants & a blazer, but during an interview, it’s always best to go for more business than casual.  

My advice is to avoid jeans, choose a skirt, or dress pants that make you feel confident and comfortable. Pair them with a conservative blouse & add a blazer or a cardigan. If you wear a dress, go for a longer length & pair it with a blazer.

Avoid brand new clothes or shoes – you want to make sure you’ll be comfortable, especially if you’ll be walking around.  Nothing is worse than your feet hurting while you have to convince someone you’re the best candidate for the job!

If you want to add in a bit of your own style, do so subtly. Choose a flowered print skirt with a neutral top and blazer, or a striped blouse with dark pants and neutral shoes.

Lastly, when in doubt, choose dark colors & conservative styles, and always, always choose something that will make you feel confident!

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By Vianet Garza
Vianet Garza Career Consultant, Denton Campus Vianet Garza