What Can Career Connections Do For You? 

Dear Career Consultant…

What are the benefits of utilizing Career Connections?  –A curious student

Dear curious student…

Glad you asked! We can help you with many aspects of your career development journey. Here are a few!

  • Not sure where you want to go in life? We have an assessment called the FOCUS 2 that can help give you an idea of what could work for you. We help interpret that so it makes sense in your career journey!
  • Just want to chat to sort some of your thoughts and plans out? We can definitely have conversations and offer career advice going forward so you have an actionable plan, whether that’s deciding a major or choosing between two great job offers.
  • We help build your resume to get past those Applicant Tracking Systems that can boot you out before a person looks at it.
  • We can help draft and finalize any professional documents (cover letters, essays, personal statements, etc.)
  • We help you build confidence to rock those interviews! Whether we just practice or offer guidance on managing those interview jitters, we got your back! (We’ve been there… we know how daunting interviews are!)
  • We assist in the job search process by showing you the different resources you can use, such as CareerShift, and the different options you have when searching for an occupation or job. 
  • We can show you how to best network with employers to advance your chances of getting the job you want! 

If we can’t help… we will do our best to get you to those who can as we are plugged in with Faculty and Staff across all three campuses. 

It won’t hurt to talk to your consultant and we are always happy to help! 

Schedule an appointment today!  

Sincerely, A Career Consultant who is rooting for you! 

By Bryana Ortiz
Bryana Ortiz Career Consultant, Houston Campus Bryana Ortiz