Kudos College of Arts & Sciences!

This blog is an expression of the deep appreciation I have for the wonderful CAS faculty who allowed me to partner with them during this past year of incredible challenges.

The creativity and commitment of the CAS faculty never ceases to amaze me, and I am so grateful to be able to collaborate with you through good times and bad.

I have also had the chance to meet with many of your students, and I want to let you know that they speak so highly of you all and recognize the hard work you are doing to help them learn and prepare for their career pathways

Here’s to YOU!!!


Fall 2020 got off to a great start in August with the Sociology department’s three evening student orientation sessions for undergraduate and graduate students.  Dr. Celia Lo directed the sessions with Dr. James Williams also presenting.  Each night, approximately 20+ students attended, & the CCC shared an overview of services and resources.  To say that the Sociology department is doing an amazing job with their students’ career development is an understatement.  In addition to supporting the engagement of our CCC resources, Dr. Lo also encourages her students to engage in internships and organizations such as SPAN (Sociology Professionals & Alumni Network) and Alpha Kappa Delta International Sociology Honor Society.

I have also had the privilege of working with Dr. Lo in the past for webinar presentations to her students.  Thank you so much, Dr. Lo and team, for your commitment to students and for letting me be a part of your programming!

English, Speech, and Foreign Languages (ESFL)

Dr. Russell Greer invited me to present to his class of 29 students in the Senior English Capstone course to provide a CCC overview and discuss cover letter, resume, and interview and job search strategies.  I have also had the privilege of working with Dr. Greer in the past for other class presentations, and he is always so gracious and a fantastic partner and advocate for student career development!

Dr. William Benner included me in reviewing resumes for one of his Spanish For Professions classes.  It has been great to see all of the amazing work that his students are doing to manage their career development while in school.  His ideas for the editing and improvement of his student’s resumes are spot on with the advice we share with students – such a great partnership!!  You are an honorary CCC member, Dr. Benner!

For several semesters, the CCC has had the privilege to collaborate with the ESFL program to conduct an annual mock interview day event for their students.  Dr. Ashley Bender has been the OUTSTANDING leader for this event, and Dr. William Benner and Dr. Genevieve West provided their ideas, support, and coordination for this program as well.  COVID changed our normal in-person event this year to an online mock interview assignment that utilized one of our resources, Big Interview.

  • In October, 72 students from multiple ESFL classes completed a Big Interview assignment! This includes 31 students who conducted their interviews completely in Spanish!  Excellente!!
  • Members of the ESFL team, the CCC team, and industry professionals reviewed the assignments and provided evaluations to the students on their interview performances. The industry professionals were from public education, higher education, non-profit, technology, job placement services, and multi-cultural advertising and marketing services.
  • In November, several of the industry professionals and ESFL faculty reviewers presented at a virtual panel event for the ESFL students to share additional assignment feedback, and to provide guidance and advice for students in the interview and job search process. 46 students attended the panel event!

Thank you, wonderful ESFL team, for your innovation and for being awesome advocates for the career growth of your students!!!

Visual Arts

I have had the honor of working with Professor Sheli Petersen for several semesters to bring resume design and interviewing skills development for students in the Visual Arts Professional Practices course.  This past fall, Sheli and I coordinated:

  • Virtual synchronous resume review critiques in September for each of the 19 students in her class
  • Big Interview mock interview assignments, written assignment reviews, and virtual synchronous review feedback for all students occurred in October
  • Fall Mock Interview Day in November. Industry professionals met with the class for virtual synchronous mock interviews with an industry professional paired with each student.  Feedback was provided individually at the mock interview, in a class debrief, and in an assessment tool following the event.  The industry professionals were from various areas including the Greater Denton Arts Council, retail, marketing, journalism, non-profit, and free-lance illustration and graphic design.

Sheli is extremely dedicated to the success of all of her students, not to mention incredibly organized and creative with her ideas and guidance on all of the class projects.  Thank you, Sheli, for just being flat-out awesome and so much fun to work with on everything!!!

Professor Megan Griffiths began teaching the Professional Practices course this spring, and she took on the incredibly challenging job of making this class work in a 100% online learning environment.  Meg did a FANTASTIC job of coordinating with me to bring the Big Interview mock interview assignment to her 18 students.  Thank you, Meg, for your wonderful collaboration!!


Dr. Gabrielle Smith has been a fabulous partner for several years.  I have had the pleasure of presenting to her class many times in the past as well as coordinating with her for a CCC first-ever class group mock interview event just prior to the pandemic.  This year we coordinated Big Interview assignments for several Psychology courses that engaged 103 students!  Dr. Smith always has great ideas for how to help her students develop their career management skills.  In addition, she has her students seek resume and cover letter critiques using our office as an option for those.  Thank you, Dr. Smith, for your innovation and commitment to your wonderful students!

I’d also like to thank and recognize Allison Comiskey, a Psychology Graduate Teaching Assistant, who coordinated one of the Big Interview class assignments in the fall.   I have no doubt that Allison will make a wonderful impact in the Psychology/Higher Education field! Thank you, Allison!

I have also had the joy of getting to work with Dr. Claudia Porras Pyland for several semesters as a presenter to her graduate Psychology Capstone Proficiencies course.  This semester I had the opportunity to present virtually to the 7 students in Dr. Pyland’s class on job search strategies.   Dr. Pyland is an amazing student advocate, and her guidance and ideas for career development are helping form wonderful future counselors for our world.  Thank you so much, Dr. Pyland, for all that you do!!

Health Informatics

Dr. Mari Tietze loves her students, and we love Dr. Teitze!!  I had the opportunity to create presentation information for her students regarding our resources, especially Big Interview and JobScan.  In addition, Dr. Tietze is particularly dedicated to helping each student with their resume and job search documents.  She spends detailed time with them regarding their resume design and career development possibilities.  I have had the chance to review many of her students’ resumes to provide extra feedback to Dr. Tietze’s expertise.  It has been so great to be a part of her process with her students and to see her guidance and advice for each one.  Thank you so much, Dr. Tietze!  You are an awesome leader and teacher to your students!!

Dr. Tietze also gave us a great idea to post a job search resource for health information management directly on our resources page.  Thanks to her suggestion, we have now created a section for the HIMSS JobMine that is easy for students to review and have immediate access to from our website.  We love this addition to our site!!


I had the opportunity to connect with Dr. Stephanie Pierce this semester to coordinate ideas for 32 graduate students in two different classes for classroom presentations (CCC resources, cover letter, resume, networking, interviewing) and a Big Interview assignment.  Dr. Pierce is simply fantastic.  Her devotion to her students is clearly evident in all that she does, and it is easy to see that she is helping to prepare them to be highly competitive in the marketplace.   Dr. Pierce, thank you for inviting me to be a part of your classroom environments this semester!  You are an inspiration!!


Dr. Lybeth Hodges reached out to us to see if we would be able to share information about our department to one of her classes.  She created an assignment for the students to help them with career development, so I designed a handout for her class of 22 students regarding our services.  It was great to hear about what her students were interested in doing post-graduation and to see Dr. Hodges’ commitment to helping them have resources for successThank you so much, Dr. Hodges, for connecting with us and for being such a fantastic leader for your students’ career development!

Social Work

I would like to thank Dr. Brandi Felderhoff for helping me get connected to the Student Association for Masters Social Workers (SAMSW) student organization.  Because of her gracious response to my inquiry, I was able to present to approximately 15 students in this stellar organization.

Dr. Felderhoff’s work as the co-advisor for this organization is very evident.  It was amazing to hear about all of the things that the students are involved in for their program and how that work is helping them prepare for their careers in the social work field.  The students were energetic, eager to learn and excited to discuss issues about career exploration and job search.  As a result of my presentation, the door has been opened to do more in the future with this organization.  Thank you so much, Dr. Felderhoff, for making the connection and for your incredible leadership!!!

Thank you all for making this a great year of partnership despite the difficulties that have been upon us.  The students have benefitted significantly from your engagement with us, and I look forward to partnering with you again in the future.  I hope you have a wonderful summer!!

My best,

Elizabeth MacDonald

Career Consultant, College of Arts & Sciences


By Elizabeth MacDonald. M.S., CCSP
Elizabeth MacDonald. M.S., CCSP Career Consultant, Denton Campus Elizabeth MacDonald. M.S., CCSP