Student Success Story: Sonya Holmes

To the Urban Fellows Committee

Thank you for the opportunity to participate as an intern and urban fellowship recipient. The Urbans fellowship provided an opportunity to sharpen my research know and skills while serving youth exposed to racism, inequalities, and structural racism. I was privileged with the opportunity to intern with Thrive Longview, a non-profit teen development program aimed at serving middle school aged teens with the mission to change and transform the lives of teens. I was able to lead research efforts to improve program outcomes by conducting and implementing pre and post-test surveys for parents and students participants in this program.  Based on the results, I was able to participate in policy development within the program and will soon assist with grant/funding opportunities that will aid in continue financial support. In addition, I participated in planning and implementing a new curriculum with the goal to have the curriculum accredited for use around the world.

This internship has increased my interest in pursuing a career in evidence based research and analysis specifically supporting policy change in the area of racial equity. Thank you again for the opportunity to serve.


-Sonya K. Holmes

By Brookelyn Bush, M.Ed
Brookelyn Bush, M.Ed Associate Director, Employer Relations