Student Success Story: Stacie Brown McCullough

With my internship at Dabrowski Center, made possible by the Urban Fellows Program, I was able to meet a mentor in the field I am interested in, to practice and refine my writing and editing skills, and to discover new potential opportunities for myself as well as for my family. I was able to experience one small but invaluable aspect of building a new nonprofit: setting up its newsletter. I was able to be a part of the Center’s study group, which further broadened the scope of my experiential learning experience. Through the study group, I was able to hear from even more members of the neurodivergent community and hear how the theory of positive disintegration could apply to their lives. My favorite internship experience was talking one-on-one with Dr. Chris Wells, my internship supervisor, about their personal, educational, and career experiences and sharing my own with someone who wholeheartedly understands. My least favorite experience of the internship was that it could not be in person due to the distance.

– Stacie Brown McCullough

By Brookelyn Bush, M.Ed
Brookelyn Bush, M.Ed Associate Director, Employer Relations