Jakin Vela, M.Ed.

Assistant Director Employer Relations

Jakin Vela, M.Ed.

Jakin Vela serves as the Assistant Director for Employer Relations at the Career Connections Center at Texas Woman’s University. His diverse professional background in law, education, non-profit management, music & film, and personal development support him in his role of developing relationships with diverse employers. He is passionate about connecting TWU students and alumni to a wide range of career opportunities. Jakin earned his M.Ed in Educational Leadership (Higher Education) at Southern Methodist University, his BA in Sociology at the University of North Texas, and a Paralegal Certificate from Collin College. He’s currently a PhD Candidate in Sociology at TWU.

Jakin’s Top 5 StrengthsFinder Results are: Strategic, Maximizer, Relator, Empathy, and Arranger. He likes to learn about people’s deepest desires, passions, and strengths, so he can guide them to opportunities where they will thrive and shine. After all, he was a producer and casting director for films!

Outside of career services, Jakin is an avid gamer (mainly PC & Nintendo), a social science researcher, and a singer-songwriter. His current research focuses on minority game developers and the workplace marginalization they face in the video games industry. Additionally, Jakin serves as the Secretary for Alpha Kappa Delta International Sociology Honor Society and as the Advisor for the Smash Brothers Alliance student organization at TWU. He also leads an LGBTQ+ online gaming community in Final Fantasy XIV with his husband Jordan.

One of Jakin’s favorite quotes is from Marie Forleo: “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.” Jakin believes that we can easily lose ourselves in constant overthinking, and often times the best path toward clarity is to try things out!

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By Jakin Vela, M.Ed.
Jakin Vela, M.Ed. Assistant Director Employer Relations Jakin Vela, M.Ed.
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