The Importance of Practicing Humility at Work

Every once in awhile, you may say something that unintentionally sounds like a brag. Without meaning to, you can offend colleagues with a perceived lack of humility, or by giving yourself more credit than you might deserve. Or perhaps you …

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4 Lessons On Finding Your Dream Job From Someone Whose Job Is 50% Recruiter, 50% Consultant

When Brianna graduated with a liberal arts degree, she had a few ideas about what her dream job might be. Working in politics? Covering breaking news as a journalist? After a couple of years in the workforce, she wasn’t sure …

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The Science Of Sales: The Precise Way To Make Life-Changing Money

It’s not just finance folks and engineering
types who can make a lot of money after graduation. One of the most profitable
fields for high-performing college grads is actually sales.

As a profession, sales is sometimes
misunderstood, largely because of …

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This Company Hires For Potential—That’s Why They Interview Everyone Who Meets These Requirements

When you’re looking for a job, it might seem
like every listing has a long, complicated set of requirements—ones that you
mysteriously never seem to meet. But if you have the right foundational skills
(like communication, the ability to learn …

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I Work With AI And Blockchain Technology—And I’m An Auditor At An Accounting Firm

You might not associate the accounting industry with innovative technology, but these days, emerging technologies like AI, machine learning, and blockchain are making their way into many of the major firms’ processes.

Getting to work with that technology has
helped …

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4 Tips for an Active Commute

Changemakers can often be found navigating complex social and bureaucratic systems, packed schedules, and office politics. But they’re also navigating city streets and scenic roadways in an effort to maximize their use of time with an active morning commute.

Whether …

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You Don’t Have To Be A Genius To Write An Effective Resume

The year is 1482, and a determined Leonardo da Vinci writes a letter highlighting his experience and sends it to his potential employer. This is the birth of the 500-year old exercise of writing a resume.

Today, resumes are still …

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How to Advance in Your Social-Impact Career—Without Changing Jobs

The potential to learn and grow at work is one of the primary drivers of job satisfaction. Sure, getting a raise doesn’t hurt either, but what do you if you don’t see a way forward in your career? You might …

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Who’s Hiring | 7 Orgs Recruiting for Back-to-School Season

With summer coming to an end, it’s time for scarves and all things pumpkin-scented. But perhaps most importantly, it’s back-to-school season! Whether you’re looking for a teaching job or want to spend some time volunteering in the education sector, here …

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If A Company Has These 4 Things, You Can Know You’ll Be Happy There

Finding the right first job or internship is a monumental task. Finding a company that checks all your boxes can be almost as hard as qualifying for the role in the first place.

In order to cut down on some …

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