These “ready-to-go” classroom assignments can help you incorporate career readiness into your class. These assignments are designed to be used independently, but Career Connections is happy to support faculty and students in using them. If you wish to have Career Connections assist you with the assignment, please contact your Career Consultant prior to the start of the semester.


Job Skills Identification Assignment

Help your students identify their skills and to be able to describe these skills on a resume or in an …

Big Interview Reviewer Instructions

Use this instruction guide to assist employers or faculty members who have agreed to help review Big Interview Mock Interview …

Big Interview Instructions for Students

Read this thoroughly to prepare for your mock interview/Big Interview assignment

Employers’ Common Questions

Prepare for the interview by anticipating what the employer may ask. This is a list of common questions typically asked …

Behavioral Interviewing Guide

Use this guide to help students understand how to answer behavioral interviewing questions effectively.

Career Fair Myths & Realities

Use this guide to learn the truths and myths about what really happens at career fairs!

Making the Most of a Career Fair

Career Fairs can be overwhelming, especially if students have never attended one before. Use this resource to help students learn …

Job Analysis Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help students explore different job position descriptions and how their skills and abilities relate to those …