These “ready-to-go” classroom assignments can help you incorporate career readiness into your class. These assignments are designed to be used independently, but Career Connections is happy to support faculty and students in using them. If you wish to have Career Connections assist you with the assignment, please contact your Career Consultant prior to the start of the semester.


Making the Most of a Career Fair

Career Fairs can be overwhelming, especially if students have never attended one before. Use this resource to help students learn …

Job Analysis Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help students explore different job position descriptions and how their skills and abilities relate to those …

Job Search Letters

Use this to understand the different types of letters involved in your job search

LinkedIn Profile Rubric

Use this rubric to grade/assess student completion of the LinkedIn Profile classroom assignment

Resume Grading Rubric

Please use this rubric to review student resumes. These guidelines have been developed based on current hiring trends and guidelines, …

Career Exploration Worksheet

This worksheet will help guide students in the career exploration process.

Skills Assessment Exercise
Skills Inventory

This quick exercise helps students assess what skills they have, how they gained that skill, and how to demonstrate it …

Marketable Skills List

Students can use this list to help them identify their own marketable skills. Use in conjunction with Skills Assessment Assignment.