Student Success Story: Cecily Rodriguez

During my internship at Tarrant County MHMR,  I developed skills in understanding the science behind developing a grant proposal for a program to be implemented into a community. I also learned about the behind the scenes research/ data collection process for these community programs. I was honored to work with the Community Mental Health Center (CMHC) grant, and the street medicine grant which have shown me different innovative ways to service homeless populations and others struggling with mental illness that have affected their life. These programs have changed so many lives and I can’t wait to see the Street Medicine program grow. I met some wonderful people out in the community despite some peoples sigmas held around the homeless and those struggling with mental illness. This internship has truly made me believe that if you just show 1 person you care enough about them, you can truly change their life. People just want someone to listen to them and be kind. I could not have been dedicated to my internship the way I was if it wasn’t for Urban Fellow help this summer. Because of this scholarship, I was able to relieve myself from financial stress and focus on my future. -Cecily Rodriguez

By Brookelyn Bush, M.Ed
Brookelyn Bush, M.Ed Associate Director, Employer Relations