College is more than just what is learned in the classroom. Maximize opportunities to gain experience outside the classroom and prepare for future career paths. 

Get Experience!

    • Part-time jobs, on or off campus,  offer a great opportunity to gain real world experience and to develop the skills needed to succeed in any career. 
    • Internships are an excellent opportunity to “try out” a career and get an inside look at what different careers really involve. Visit the Office of Internships to get more information on how to find an internship. 
    • Experiences don’t have to be paid to be valuable in learning about careers and developing skills. Volunteer! The Office of Civic Engagement is a great place to start looking for opportunities to be involved in our community. TWU Connect/Handshake also posts volunteer opportunities. 
    • Student organizations are also a great opportunity to develop skills and build your resume. Get involved! 

Get Prepared!

    • Write your resume and get it reviewed by your Career Consultant. Not sure where to start? Check out our resources for samples and videos on how to get started. 
    • Prepare and practice your interview skills. Schedule a Mock Interview appointment with your Career Consultant to practice and get feedback on your interview skills. Attend a workshop or use LinkedIN Learning on interview tips and techniques to gain insight on how to handle those tricky behavioral interview questions. 

Fielding job offers and want to know your market value and what salary you should expect? Attend a salary negotiation workshop or meet with your Career Consultant to learn how to navigate those salary talks. 

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